Hybrid Catalysis
Hybrid Catalysis offers custom catalyst synthesis and screening. Services are cost-effective, exclusive and include royalty free transfer of project IP.

A passion for innovation

Hybrid Catalysis B.V. was founded in 2005 to offer cost effective and highly competitive catalysis R&D. A laboratory was established at Eindhoven, The Netherlands providing synthesis and catalyst screening services. We are capable of making any catalyst and of scale up to typically kilogram quantities. We have the equipment for screening under industrial conditions.

Our People

Director Erik Abbenhuis is author on 50 scientific publications, next to inventor on over 30 patent applications. This work involves catalysis and material science. He previously worked at the Technical University of Eindhoven, ETH Zurich, Strasbourg University and Utrecht University.


Jan van Poppelen, director sales and marketing, has more than 20 years experience in catalyst marketing and development. Jan joined Hybrid in 2006, having worked for Engelhard and ICI Synetix earlier. Hybrid’s senior scientists are Gijsbert Gerritsen, Jos Wilting and Arjan Koekkoek.


How we act

Please consider us as an extension of your own research organization. We offer contract R&D at fixed rates. All our quotations list clear deliverables and lead times. Every project proposal contains the elements you need to manage progress and budget. At the bench, your project is carried out by a motivated, PhD-level team with experiences including synthetic chemistry, high-throughput screening, chemical engineering, flow chemistry, catalyst shaping, informatics and scale up. We really know about catalysis and meaningful research.

Your Project is in good hands

All projects are handled strictly confidentiality starting at inquiry level. Wherever we can, we work on an exclusive basis. This means that all IP generated belongs to the customer, free of royalties. In general projects involve periods of a week to six months. For the larger projects, we, ourselves, invest in equipment when needed.

Short lead times

Our laboratory is equipped for working with gasses, pressure reactors and any chemical. We can make changes to our infrastructure when required and have a network of subcontracted experts. Where required, they provide services as: glass blowing, pipe fitting, metal machining, (electronic) assembling and custom software. Being a small company enables us to act fast.


Tools for synthesis and screening

We have the equipment for your project or we will set it up at our own cost. Also we have access to any technique for catalyst characterization.

  • Chemspeed ASW2000 robot for (in)organic chemistry @ 10 - 50 mL scale including pressure reactors
  • Batch autoclaves with sampling units and on line residual gas analysis
  • Thalesnano X-Cube flow reactors, Tmax = 200 C, p up to 200 Bar suitable for gas / liquid reactions
  • Hydrothermal synthesis @ 2 Liter batch scale / Custom synthesis @ 10 Liter batch scale
  • Equipment for reactions in liquid propene
  • Rotating tube furnace with residual gas analysis for heterogeneous catalyst reduction
  • Plug flow reactors (glas and stainles steel) for gas phase catalysis with on line residual gas analysis
  • Setups for temperature controlled oxidation / reduction / Handling of (flammable, toxic, corrosive) gasses


Engineering project examples

Many projects require setups that are not commercially available. These are examples of special equipment which were built for projects in our laboratory with lead times from conception to completion.

Inert gas furnace with residual gas analysis

» Lead time: 1 month

Steam reformer with mass spectrometer

» Lead time: 2 months

Modified Chemspeed robot with glass and steel reactors

» Lead time: 1 months

Equipment for pressure swing experiments involving hydrogen sulfide

» Lead time: 3 months

Plug flow reactor for liquid propene epoxidation; own software, innovative autosampler & data logging of process parameters

» Lead time: 3 months

Innovative catalysts that may interest you

Own development relates to 20 years of pioneering work involving metal silsesquioxanes. These well-defined materials are now readily available for transesterfication, epoxidation, olefin methathesis, polymerization and many fine chemical applications. Other catalysts are based on MCM-41, SBA-15 and metal organic frameworks. Targeted applications involve:

  • Low temperature steam reforming catalysts
  • Transesterfication catalysts active at ppm level loadings
  • Epoxidation catalysts suitable for organic peroxides and hydrogen peroxide
  • Numerous Lewis Acid catalysts / Sustainable alternatives for tin catalysts
  • Conceptually similar Homogeneous and Heterogeneous catalysts / Catalyst retention
  • Curing agents for various coating and polymer applications

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